Course outcomes

1. Understand the growth and development of trees in even aged and uneven aged forest

2. Understand the factors of locality

3. Understand the natural regeneration occurred in various silvicultural systems

4. Understand various nursery techniques and planting patterns

5. Determine the spacing and number of plants for a nursery

6. Develop a forest nursery

  • Understand the process of wood formation, cellular and chemical constituents of wood.
  • Understand the physical, mechanical, thermal, electric and acoustic properties of wood
  • Identify common timbers of commerce.
  • Understand the abnormalities of wood and the impact of such deviations in wood properties.

Course Outcomes

1. Understand the definition and values of wildlife

2. Understand the behaviour of wild animals

3. Basic knowledge on mammalogy, ornithology and herpetology

4. Identify common birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians

5. Understand fundamentals of conservation biology

6. Familiarize major conservation projects in India and world